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So long October, and good riddance

So long October, and good riddance

For many in Northern California wine country, October was wicked and haunted indeed.  Today, on the last day of the month, we say goodbye to October 2017 and welcome November with open arms and a spirit of optimism and hope.  Last weekend we took to the car and drove about 250 miles through Napa and … Continue reading So long October, and good riddance

Dining at Torc. Again.

One of the best restaurants in Napa, hands down, is Torc, located on Main Street just north of 1st Street.  Torc is a perfect place for locals (like us) but also a uniquely Napa experience that caters perfectly to out-of-town visitors as well.  We made a reservation to eat at Torc Friday night, but it was not our first time.  … Continue reading Dining at Torc. Again.

A Slice of Spain in Napa

If you crave cuisine from Spain in an environment that feels authentically Spanish, head to downtown Napa where you will find not just one, but two, high-quality restaurants that bring a slice of Spain to Napa.  Mick Salyer is the proprietor of Zuzu and La Taberna, both of which are on Main Street literally separated by a … Continue reading A Slice of Spain in Napa