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Vino, Glorious Vino

Vino, Glorious Vino

One of our very first wine tasting experiences in Sonoma County was about 10 years ago at Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards.  Located on Highway 121 on the eastern end of the Carneros wine region, Gloria Ferrer sits on a hill with stunning views of vineyards and the surrounding mountains.  The occasion for our first … Continue reading Vino, Glorious Vino

A B&B That Serves Wine for Breakfast

We traveled to Oregon in late September to drop off a kid at the University of Oregon in Eugene.  Wrapped around that momentous event, we planned a series of adult activities for ourselves:  wine tasting, visiting some nice restaurants, attending an Oregon football game, and staying at some wine country bed and breakfasts.  This post is the … Continue reading A B&B That Serves Wine for Breakfast

A Lot of Sass In Willamette Valley

A couple of months ago we "met" an Oregon winemaker named Jerry Sass on Twitter.  At this point we can't remember if he followed us first or the other way around.  But either way, after checking out his website we liked what we saw in terms of the winery's story and the approach to winemaking. … Continue reading A Lot of Sass In Willamette Valley