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Gluttony Punished

Gluttony Punished

A while back our friends Inna and Igor - fellow wine afficionados - proposed a novel idea for a wine tasting:  a side-by-side tasting of the same varietal - in this case, Pinot Noir. What made this proposal particularly novel is that all four wines would be from the same producer, Etude Wines.  We have … Continue reading Gluttony Punished


You don’t have to swim upstream to eat here

One of our favorite destinations in California is the town of Jenner, a spot known as the "River's End" where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. There is something majestic about two bodies of water coming together and this particular location is no exception.  On top of a bluff overlooking this amazing spot sits a fantastic … Continue reading You don’t have to swim upstream to eat here