Month: May 2016

Grazie, Grassi

When people ask us about our move from Los Angeles to Northern California, we often say "the best part of living in Napa is ..."  After multiple times starting this same sentence but finishing  with a different "best part," our friends called us on it and challenged us to name the single best part about living in wine country. … Continue reading Grazie, Grassi

A Slice of Spain in Napa

If you crave cuisine from Spain in an environment that feels authentically Spanish, head to downtown Napa where you will find not just one, but two, high-quality restaurants that bring a slice of Spain to Napa.  Mick Salyer is the proprietor of Zuzu and La Taberna, both of which are on Main Street literally separated by a … Continue reading A Slice of Spain in Napa

A Bovine and Wine Saturday at HdV

A Bovine and Wine Saturday at HdV

Bacon and wine.  Is there anything better?  This past weekend marked the release of the 2014 vintages at HdV Winery.  In addition to tasting some fantastic wines, the staff at HdV and their caterers laid out an impressive assortment of cheeses, charcuterie, and, yes, a whole pig.  If you have not added HdV to your … Continue reading A Bovine and Wine Saturday at HdV